Hoover Schools Live@edu Case Study goes public

I had just posted a Live Meeting recording of Hoover Schools in the last few days… well now that is joined by the official case study.  I had the pleasure of meeting with Hoover School’s CTO, Keith Price, at our US Public Sector CIO forum, and he really energized with with some of the great ideas he had for the service.

Some great quotes in there…

“We looked at Google Apps for Education, but we wanted a solution with familiar tools that teachers would adopt readily for use in the classroom to improve learning.”

“With Office Live Workspace, we have the right tools for online collaboration for our blended Senior English and Social Studies class,” … “Now, we have our own distance-learning software that we can control to meet our needs.”

“Live@edu can help less-motivated learners improve their performance because it empowers them to work when and how they want. Teachers are thrilled they’ll be able to more quickly mark and return students’ assignments. And with a simple add-in from Microsoft Word, teachers can save their documents directly to their Office Live Workspace.”

“With Live@edu, we’re saving approximately $150,000 in product-licensing costs, and by eliminating server, storage, and off-site back-up resources,” … “And with Live@edu, we benefit from product enhancements added regularly at no extra cost.”




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