Creating Dynamic Distribution Groups

Hello folks, Chris Irwin here and it’s time for another PowerShell demo. This short video demo will go over how to create dynamic distribution groups using both the pre-canned filters as well as custom filters. As always this video will also be linked up on the LiveAtEDUTSP channel. If you have any requests please feel free to let me know!



CSV_Parser Demo

Chris Irwin here, newest member of the Live@EDU team at Microsoft.  I am taking the top customer asks and putting together video demos which will be posted up to my YouTube channel: LiveAtEDUTSP.  Today’s demo covers the CSV_Parser script that is available up on  This script is intended to give institutions an easy way using PowerShell to create object in bulk.  The script reads in a .CSV file and then creates the object you have specified in your Live@EDU tenant.  I’ll be posting other demos in the near future so make sure you check back soon!!