New Whitepaper: Microsoft Outlook Live Connected Campus using Exchange Web Services API

Just released… Hot off the Press… Live@edu Exclusive… you get the idea….

We are seeing a lot of interest from customers, systems integrators and a growing number of ISVs about using Outlook Live as a deeply integrated component in a much larger education solution.  To that end, we have just released a whitepaper dealing with how Exchange Web Services can be used to achieve that end result.

Developers love lots of code snippets, and this paper does not disappoint.  We have chosen a scenario of integrating a course registration system with Outlook Live using the EWS Managed API. The scenario explains the EWS Managed API so that you can plan for integrating campus applications with Outlook Live.

Key topics, we deal with in this scenario include:

  • School Information Systems and EWS
  • EWS Managed API Scenarios
    • Scenario: Course Registration
    • Scenario: Publishing school events to student’s calendar
    • Scenario: Campus alerts e-mail
    • Scenario: Displaying mail and calendar data on student’s portal




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