Custom filtering, using transport rules on Outlook Live

Live@EDU (Outlook Live) has a number of well published and documented security and compliance features, a few of them I have listed below (as well a reference for more information about each topic) –

1. Spam Filtering –

2. Cross Mailbox searches –

3. Anti-Bully Policy –

4. Bad Word filter –

5. As well as other items mentioned here –

But since Live@EDU (Outlook Live)’s email platform is based on Exchange 2010, we can also take advantage of numerous other transport rules and use them to protect your end users, whether they are faculty, staff or students.  One such transport rule is the Regular Expressions Transport Rule (, so what does this rule do?  You can use regular expressions in Exchange Server 2010 transport rule predicates to match text patterns in different parts of a message (such as message headers, sender, recipients, message subject, and body). Predicates are used by conditions and exceptions to determine whether a configured action should be applied to an e-mail message.

These rules provide a way for you to prevent students from sending out personally identifiable information through email.  If for example you didn’t want your students or your faculty and staff for that matter sending out their SSN via email, you can create a rule to block these emails, and customize the Non-Delivery Report (NDR), so the end-user knows why the email was blocked. 

The Regular Expressions Transport Rule works in both Live@EDU (Outlook Live) as well as Exchange Online, as mentioned this feature, all the of the ones listed above as well as many others are built into the solution, the cost of layer an additional security platform on top of your free email solution is not required.



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