Pittsford School District goes Live@edu!

imagePittsford Central School District, in NY State has just rolled out Live@edu to their 6000 students.  Prior to this deployment, Pittsford had been struggling with inefficient communications between their teachers and students.  After a pilot of the service, and in partnership with CGS, Pittsford went into production, and have realized the following benefits:

  • Helps teachers maintain focus on academics
  • Saves U.S.$40,000 yearly on storage and backup
  • Provides new opportunities for academic innovation
    They also had some GREAT quotes to share…

“Based on the enthusiasm of staff members who participated in the pilot and of students whom we recently polled, we anticipate a 90 percent adoption rate by our third year of having implemented Live@edu, and following it, Office 365.” Charles Profitt Systems Administrator, Pittsford Central School District,

“File incompatibility, versioning conflicts, work left on the home computer or a misplaced Flash drive—Live@edu will put out all those fires.” Jeff Cimmerer Director of Technology, Pittsford Central School District

“Thanks to Live@edu, I’ll worry a lot less about the logistics of email communications with my students, and focus a lot more on the content of those communications.”  Karen Smith  Instructor of Environmental Sciences, Mendon High School, Pittsford Central School District

If you qualify, you too can enroll in Live@edu.



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