Entire state community college system in Rhode Island rolls out Live@edu!


Smile  How’s that for a headline!  Commonwealth College of Rhode Island is *the* community college system in the state, and it each year it enrolls over 18,000 students across a range of courses.  There are also 1200 faculty and staff … and then when you add in alumni, the number rises to about 50,000 unique user accounts… it soon adds up.

We have just released a case study on this deployment, which I recommend you take a look at.  Go Knights!

There are some nice quotes from the case study we have just released:

“50 percent increase in active email users, while its IT costs have declined by U.S.$285,000”

“With Live@edu, we’ve gone from spending time and money on an email system that students didn’t use much, to saving money on a system that’s more useful.”

“We considered Google Apps,” says Stephen Vieira, Chief Information Officer at the Community College of Rhode Island. “But we wanted to educate students on the Microsoft software that they’ll encounter in the workforce, so it made no sense to provide that training, then send students off to use Google Apps as a campus mail system. Google didn’t offer much interoperability with the systems we already had. Also, we had concerns about security and about the added expense of features we needed, such as storage.”

“Creating student accounts doesn’t require much effort or thought now,” says Vieira. “It’s “automated. Students get all of their accounts, including email, within five minutes of being accepted at the college—instead of the next day.”

Enjoy!  And don’t forget you can follow CCRI’s lead, and enroll your institution on Live@edu for free here.



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