WIN with “Kountdown to Kinect”

The Live@edu team wants to help your school promote the services to your users (Open to US Only).  Every day for 60 days, one lucky student at your school could win an Xbox 360 and the highly anticipated Kinect just by entering the sweepstakes and replying to the confirmation email from their Live@edu email account.

Plus, the students at the school that gets the most sweepstakes entries will win an Xbox Game Room – that’s 5 Xbox 360s, 5 Kinects and 5 large flat screen TVs. Students have every incentive to get their friends to enter and spread the word so they could win the coolest game room ever.

The sweepstakes starts on Monday, September 6th and goes through Thursday, November 4th. It is only open to students 13 years of age and older attending Live@edu schools. Additional sweepstakes rules can be found on the website.

The URL is: – the site goes live on September 6th.

Want to learn more about Xbox 360 or Xbox Kinect? Find out more here.

If you would like to co-promote the sweepstakes with Microsoft, marketing materials are available on a SkyDrive here. You may also contact Mary-Pat Beattie for more information.

Good luck and happy gaming!



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