Full Armor releases their Data Migration Tool for Live@edu

FullArmor just announced today that they have released their MailPortal Migrator tool to help customers migrate data from on-premises Exchange to Outlook Live, and to migrate away from GMail; this is part of their broader MailPortal offering.  This is a GREAT development, and I predict that there will be a lot of interest from customers for both scenarios given the value proposition we offer on Outlook Live.  The tool has already proven itself, even in beta form, as part of the massive 700,000 user cloud migration for the Kentucky Department of Education…. so now it is in full release, others can try it out as well.
As far as availability is concerned, there will be 2 flavors offered… a FREE tool that can be used by individuals to do their own migration from Gmail, or a PST file, and then an ‘Admin’ version that can be purchased to support data migrations in bulk.  The Free MailPortal Migrator will be available at no cost from Microsoft and FullArmor websites for download beginning July 19, 2010.  MailPortal Migrator Admin can be purchased directly from FullArmor and its authorized partners.
Very exciting and much welcomed!  I have seen the tool working myself, and it is very slick…. a great case study in the use of Exchange Web Services.
Update:     Quest Software and FullArmor have announced that Quest has acquired the MailPortal offering,  and is now available as Quest Migrator for  Cloud Email (http://www.quest.com/migrator-for-cloud-email/).    With this step,  Quest now can offer customers migration from Exchange on-premise to Live@edu in addition to their support for migration from the Notes and GroupWise platforms.

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