2 new Live@edu whitepapers

Following on from the Exchange Web Services Whitepaper we released a weeks ago, we now have a couple more to get you tinkling the programming ivories.  I talk a lot to customers and ISVs about the development possibilities for Live@edu, and the flexibility we offer is, in part, the reason for the program’s success in recent times.  Long may it continue!

Anyway, here they are… take a look… and get involved in the discussions on the sites below, if you are into that kind of thing.

Building Live@edu Services into a school portal

In this paper, we introduce the various SDKs available that will help you build a comprehensive school portal combining the school’s existing applications and services with the various services provided by Live@edu.

PowerShell: Manage Outlook Live From Admin Web Portal

In this paper, we discuss PowerShell and its use in managing common IT admin functions. The primary goal of this paper is to help Admins/ Developers learn how to expose common IT admin functions through an IT admin web portal.

I am also seeing an increase in discussions pertaining to “this kind of thing” over on Outlook Live Answers in the admin forums (fora?) from the likes of Steve Goodman… all good stuff… keep it coming.



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