New Live@edu resources available for Partners

Courtesy of my friend, Michael Wegmann, all round, “All In” partner guy…we have 2 new resources available for partners in the MEPN  (aka Partner Community Website):

1. Statement of Work Guides: for partners to accelerate the process of creating offers around Live@edu deployment.

Partners can download the zip file (attached) containing the guides and all the materials to respond to requests for proposal involving Live@edu services. We divided into 4 different categories to match different levels of customer technology sophistication (Basic, Standard, Integrated and Automated). Each category contains:

1. An example of Customer Request for Proposal (RFP): customer details the specific requirements

2. A Statement of Work (SOW) template: partner prepares a proposal for the engagement, with the appropriate number of hours

3. Professional profile: to identify the right consultants for the implementation opportunity (minimum knowledge needed)

4. A Questionnaire: partner gathers the information required for implementation

This is an invaluable tool for the partners to plan Live@edu engagements. All the estimates were done based on reality of deployment, so partners can adapt for their hourly cost and the components of the SOW (e.g.: not cover training) and charge the customer accordingly.  The implementation is divided in 5 steps and the number of hours varies with the skill level of the partner, so the ranges of hours are described below:

                For each step, partners can find in the SOW Guidance document, the tasks and a brief explanation, some resources and the range of hours he can expect to invest into that. Here is one example:

2. Online ISV Jumpstart Kit

We converted the ISV Jumpstart Kit into a section of the readiness page in the community. This is the one-stop shop for ISV and Custom Software Development partners.  For those of you that don’t remember, the ISV Jumpstart Kit contains working code plus documentation, enabling partners to build applications that integrate with Live@edu. The Kit contains:

1. ISV Guidance – detailed information on coding best practices, sample code, and quick start guidelines

2. Testing Criteria – certification criteria helps partners understand the steps to ensure a solution is well-integrated and supportable

3. Helpers – source code and documentation solution like cross web domain communication and unified sign-in control

4. Scenarios – three scenarios that demonstrate using the APIs such as students seeking venues




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