Live@edu and ePals join forces to deliver new value to K-12 customers

Hot off the press last night was our announcement about a partnership to bring the latest Microsoft collaborative capabilities to the very successful ePals platform.  So what does that mean exactly?  Well… the integration points will be numerous…starting later this year, an initial set of products will be available to markets globally, and ePals will offer our Live@edu email and calendar platform as well as other capabilities to millions of its school-community users worldwide. Also, Office Web Apps and features of our forthcoming SharePoint Online solution for Live@edu will be incorporated into the products that ePals offers.

So with all this new technology and integration being planned, what will this mean for the most important folks in this equation… the students and teachers in our schools? 

  • Schools can now get the best of Microsoft and ePals school-safe communication and collaboration tools and ePals educational content in one easy-to-use hosted solution.
  • Teachers will have the tools to expand local-to-global, classroom-to-classroom collaborations that stimulate student learning, access to professional development, curriculum, contests and other resources.
  • Students will have a safe and a security-enhanced content-rich environment that challenges them to research smartly, collaborate with other learners around the world, think critically, problem-solve and communicate their learning using multiple media.

Some of this is reflected in quotes from the press release:

“While the cornerstone of school-based communication and collaboration systems must be the protection of user identity and data and implementation of sophisticated policy management, it is Web-based collaboration and assessment that can truly transform learning globally. The powerful features and extensible platform delivered by Live@edu enhances ePals’ own platform and leading solutions for the K–12 market.”
Ed Fish, President of ePals

“Our investment in the relationship with ePals will enable us to accelerate the impact our platform can have to teaching and learning scenarios. [ePals] expertise in K–12 education combined with Live@edu safety, security, reliability and productivity features are a perfect match for institutions looking to reduce operating costs while expanding collaborative opportunities that are transforming education today.”
Anthony Salcito, Microsoft Education VP

All being well, the plans is to have initial integration and new offerings available later this calendar year, and one of the things we are working on is bring additional capabilities to the ePals SchoolMail® offering with my favorite product (and blog topic), Outlook Live 🙂

Exciting times…



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