Configuring a resource mailbox, with an approving delegate

We are starting to see increased interest from customers on the more advanced end-user features of Outlook Live, and something that has come up for me several times in the last few weeks has had to do with setting up conference room resource mailboxes and then configuring them with policies, and delegates.  Below I share a common scenario… setting up a room mailbox, and configuring that resource with a delegate so that any time anyone tries to book that room, it has to be approved by a room manager (a person).

If you follow the instructions here, and thanks to Paul Tischhauser for this, you will have created a resource mailbox that will accept meeting requests only through delegate approval.  In this example, I am using “Room4” as the resource, and “RoomManager” as the mailbox that control is delegated to…  “Jack Smith” is a regular user account.

  1. As admin, create new mailbox Room4 using ECP UI.
  2. Run PowerShell command to make Room1 a room mailbox. (set-mailbox room4 –Type Room)
  3. Log into the mailbox to fully activate it at
  4. Log in as admin to, and use ECP UI to change settings on Resource -> Scheduling Options as follows.
    • From the inbox: Options -> Manage Another User -> Room4 ->Settings –> Resource
    • Check “Automatically process meeting requests and cancellations” (should set AutomateProcessing to AutoAccept)
    • Uncheck “Always decline if the end date is beyond this limit” (should set EnforceSchedulingHorizon to false)
    • Click Save
    • Close the Room4 options window
  5. Verify that a meeting request is automatically accepted when sent by a regular user (e.g. Jack Smith).
  6. As admin create new mailbox RoomManager using ECP UI.
  7. Run PowerShell command to add RoomManager as resource delegate. (set-calendarprocessing room4 –ResourceDelegates roommanager)
  8. Verify that resource delegate (RoomManager) can open Room1 calendar:
    • Log in as Room Manager at
    • Click Calendar -> Share-> Open a shared calendar, and directly accept/decline meeting requests and send a response from the calendar.
  9. Run PowerShell command to have all requests rejected by default. (set-calendarprocessing room4 –AllBookInPolicy $false)
  10. Confirm that new requests  from regular user (Jack Smith) are automatically declined, with nothing sent to the resource delegate.
  11. Run PowerShell command to have all requests approved by resource delegate.  (set-calendarprocessing room4 –AllRequestInPolicy $true)
  12. Confirm that new request from regular user (Jack Smith) is received as a tentative response pending approval, and that the resource delegate received invite and could accept the invite and send response on behalf of the room.
  13. Verify that Jack Smith gets a response from RoomManager, on behalf of the room.

Here is what the resulting effect is:

User schedules a meeting, and invites Room4

User gets notification that the room “might attend”… it is pending approval…

Room Manager gets email notification about the booking, and can Accept, Decline, etc

Meeting gets added to Room4 mailbox calendar

Scheduling user (Jack Smith) gets notification that the room has been booked


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