New Community Project: Live@Edu Meta Web-Service

One for all you School/University/Partner web developers out there that want some good code samples that you can use to control and configure many of the aspects of Live@edu, including Outlook Live’s PowerShell interface, through a web-services wrapper that you can deploy on-premises.

Anton Mamichev, with the invaluable support of Frank Schumann from Microsoft’s Central and Eastern Europe region, has just published a new project on CodePlex that he has called the “Live at Education Meta Web-Service” which is:

“an open-source Live@edu web-service wrapper intended to combine all Live@edu + MSDN AA ELMS technologies. It provides IT developers with single web service using a simple management interface and simple methods to call from any platform.”

The corresponding CodePlex project is here.

The project will evolve over time, and it has already received some Kudos inside of Microsoft.  It currently offers a web services wrapper for:

  • Windows Live Admin Center (WLAC) – to manage Windows Live IDs and Windows Live Custom Domains.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) – SOAP service to provide portal users with single login to portal and Windows Live.
  • Exchange Web Services (EWS) – API to manage Exchange Server objects: e-mails, contacts, appointments.
  • PowerShell (PS) – technology to remotely manage Exchange Server.
  • MSDN Academic Alliance eAcademy License Management System (MSDN AA ELMS) – access to Microsoft software for students under MSDN AA license.

    Anton provided some basic screenshots of what it can do…

    Display user’s Custom Attributes pre web-services call…

    Build the command string and make the web services call…

    List<string> lstCommands = new List<string>();
    lstCommands.Add("set-mailbox am -customattribute1 ‘test1’");
    lstCommands.Add("set-mailbox am -customattribute2 ‘check it’");
    lstCommands.Add("set-mailbox am -customattribute3 ‘another test’");

    Display user’s Custom Attributes post web-services call…

    Hey Presto!

    Check it out…



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