Block email between groups of users in Outlook Live

A question I get asked quite often by administrators in K-12 institutions is “How do I stop one group of students from emailing another group of students?”  Typically the scenario here where there is a need to create a separation between Juniors and Seniors… or something like that.  This can be achieved by Exchange Transport Rules; one of the most powerful features we offer our customers.

As I like to do, I recorded a short demo…


The cmdlet I used in the demo is:

New-TransportRule "BlockMessagesBetweenSeniorsAndJuniors" -BetweenMemberOf1 "All Seniors" -BetweenMemberOf2 "All Juniors" -RejectMessageEnhancedStatusCode "5.7.1" -RejectMessageReasonText "E-mail messages sent between Seniors and Juniors are prohibited according to school policy."




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