Video help – now in in a browser near you

While webpage after webpage of help documentation is certainly nice to have, and of course easier to search, but sometimes it is nice to just sit back and watch someone demo the concepts.

Clearly inspired (:D) by the blockbuster demo productions Matt Hicks and I have posted on this blog, the Exchange team has started adding some videos of their own.  Dotted around, you will find some gems.  I obtained a list…

Demo: Configure Mailbox Plan Attribute Flow
configure and synchronize the mailbox plan attribute between your on-premises Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) or Active Directory directory service and
mailboxes in Outlook Live.
Synchronize Mailbox Plan

Demo: OLSync Parameters
This demonstration shows you how to set the MVWindowsLiveIDAttributeName OLSync parameter
Parameters for the OLSync Hosted Management Agent

Demo: Import new users
This demonstration shows you how to provision a large numbers of new users by using the Web management interface and a comma-separated value (CSV) file.
Import New Users with a CSV File

Demo: Migrate e-mail
This demonstration shows you how to migrate users’ e-mail from an IMAP server to their Outlook Live mailboxes.
Migrate E-Mail from an IMAP Server to Outlook Live

Demo: Send a welcome message to new users
This demonstration shows you how to use the Microsoft Word mail merge feature and a comma-separated value (CSV) file to send a welcome e-mail message to new users. A welcome message contains the Windows Live ID and password for the user’s new Outlook Live e-mail account.
Send a Welcome Message to New Users

Scenario: Provision new users and get them connected
This topic contains the three provisioning demos (listed above), each showing a step in the user provisioning process.
Demos: Import New Users, Migrate Their E-mail, and Get Them Connected

Demo: Allow users to change their display name
This demonstration shows you how to allow some users to change the display name for their Outlook Live e-mail account while preventing others from change theirs.
Allow Faculty to Change Their Display Names

Allow users to create groups
This demonstration shows you how to allow some users to create public groups while preventing others from creating them. For example, for an education institution, you may want to prevent students from creating groups but allow faculty members to create them.
Demo: Allow Some Users to Create Groups

Allow external contacts to send messages to a group
This demonstration shows how to let external contacts send e-mail to a public group that they’re members of. When you create a new group, only users in your organization can send messages to the group. Messages sent by external contacts are rejected. You have to change the group’s properties to allow external users to send messages to the group.
Demo: Allow External Contacts to Send Messages to a Group

User the Web management interface to manage your organization, yourself, or another user
This demonstration shows you how to use the Web management interface for Outlook Live to manage your organization, your Outlook Web App settings, or the Outlook Web App settings of another user.
Demo: Use the Web Management Interface to Manage Your Organization, Yourself, or Another User

So sit back, relax, and hit the play button.



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