Controlling access to the Connected Accounts UI

In Outlook Live, the Connected Accounts facility is a great way to consolidate several inboxes into your Outlook Live inbox; we have many customers using the service today.  For some customers, however, this is a service that they would like more control over; especially in K-12.  Some schools prohibit the use of personal email services in school (e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail) as they cannot be readily monitored, and go as far as to block the URLs for these services at their firewall.  The Connected Accounts service can be used as a bypass, hence the concern 🙂

I worked with one of our top Outlook Live support engineers, Joel Hendrickson, to understand how we could offer control over Connected Accounts through PowerShell.  The following video is the end result:


Essentially you are able to either turn off the Connected Accounts interface completely, or you can set permissions in such a way that only selected users/groups get to see it.

Here are the commands I used in the demo:

# View the default Management role assignments
Get-ManagementRoleAssignment MyMailSubscriptions*

#Remove the default management role assignments for non-Exchange Admins
Get-ManagementRoleAssignment MyMailSubscriptions* | ?{$_.RoleAssigneeType -eq ‘RoleAssignmentPolicy’} | Remove-ManagementRoleAssignment -Confirm:$False

#enable granular access to the Connected Account UI
New-RoleGroup -Name ‘Connected Accounts – DefaultMailboxPlan’ -Roles MyMailSubscriptions_DefaultMailboxPlan

Hope that helps!



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