City University of New York on Live@edu

I am happy to announce yet another large customer that has made the choice to move ahead with Live@edu.  City University of New York, with 260,000 students and 23 campuses is the largest urban public university in the United States… that’s about 8 times the size of the metropolis I grew up in 🙂

We have just released a detailed case study outlining this great story, and I have included some of the key quotes below from Brian Cohen, Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer at CUNY.

“Part of our goal as a university is to prepare students for the workplace, where the ability to communicate electronically is a fundamental technology skill and an expected service,” … “We needed to ensure that all CUNY students have equal access to the same email and collaboration technologies.”

“We chose Live@edu for the commitment that Microsoft made to ongoing product development and support and to addressing the university’s concerns about student privacy”

“When our deployment is complete, we’ll be saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by no longer managing any e-mail services for students at any campus,” … “College IT staffs can focus on projects more directly relevant to the academic mission of each campus.”

So, a big THANKS to CUNY for the partnership.



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