Specifying a time zone for a new mailbox prior to first logon

A question that comes up every so often has to do with how a time zone can be set for a new mailbox user prior to their first login.  Left to its own devices, Outlook Live will default to some server-based timezone for all users, but it will ask them to set this properly the first time they log in.

Some users may mis-configure this  timezone because they are too young to know what a timezone is, too eager to click OK and get started, or something else.  This leads to all manner of confusion for some when they see that email appears to have been delivered in the middle of the night, or appointment times are off by several hours.  Users can of course modify their timezone in Mail/Options, but wouldn’t it be nice to preempt this?

To address this, and on a per-mailbox basis, an administrator can set a default timezone in powershell with the following command:

set-MailboxRegionalConfiguration ‘mailbox alias’ -Language en-US -TimeZone "Eastern Standard Time"

If this command is run, it will set a timezone for the user, and it will also stop the initial logon experience seen above.  Any decent scripter could also modify the CSV_Parser.ps1, or write their own script.

Hope that helps!



One Response to Specifying a time zone for a new mailbox prior to first logon

  1. Viacesi mail says:

    thank you for the information JonnyI also add on other parameters for the profile of the mailbox is in the language preferred.New-Mailbox -Name "Jonny" -WindowsLiveID Jonny@myschool.fr -Password (ConvertTo-SecureString -String \’MYPASSWORD\’ -AsPlainText -Force) -Displayname "Chambers" -FirstName "Jonny" -LastName "Chambers" set-Mailbox Jonny -Languages "fr-FR" set-MailboxRegionalConfiguration Jonny -Language "fr-FR" -TimeZone "Romance Standard Time" -dateformat "dd/MM/yyyy"set-MailboxCalendarConfiguration Jonny -WorkingHoursTimeZone "Romance Standard Time" -ShowWeekNumbers $true -WeekStartDay Monday—–Be careful on the functionalities.—-currently, there is a malfunction with the change of language. in the batchimap outlook.com / ecp and the imap subscription in another language1 you create the mailbox with powershell or parser2 you change the language of paramettres3 you run the migration on imapbatch mailbox4 you\’re waiting for the migration of the box is finished6 user connects to the mailbox7 in the options the user can not change the folder languagesyou can see the problems I have had to use this parameters :http://outlookliveanswers.com/forums/t/2353.aspxit is imperative that the user connects a first time for everything to work correctlyI Hope That Help :)Wilhem

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