Microsoft Education Labs launches Flashcards

I am always on the lookout for applications that students and educators can use that:

  • Make use of the LiveID that they have from the Live@edu program.
  • Are compelling to use.

Our Microsoft Education Labs team has just launched an application called Flashcards, and I have been using it with my 2 kids already.  My wife and I also appreciated the fact that there was no cleanup to do afterwards… cards on the floor, cards down the back of the sofa, etc… I don’t know if our labs team considered that benefit, but there you go.

From the Education Labs blog:

“Flashcards offers a unique learning experience that you don’t get with traditional flashcards. Cards that you have never studied before are introduced at a rate that is customized for you; it will introduce new cards more often if you show that you know the previously introduced material, and it will introduce new cards less often if you still need to learn some of the previously introduced material. The order in which cards are reviewed is also customized for you based on how well you know the cards. Over time, cards that are easy for you will be displayed relatively less often, while cards that are difficult for you will be displayed relatively more often. Finally, your progress is all saved in the cloud, so you can study from home as well as from school and the system will use all of your previous progress to determine the best order for you to study. The end result is—dare I say it—actually kind of fun.”

Go try it out right now!



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