Kalani High School rolls out Live@edu

We have just released a case study on Kalani High School’s adoption of Live@edu.  I had the pleasure of visiting with Kalani to hear first hand about how Kalani are complementing a 1:1 laptop rollout with the benefits of Outlook Live and Office Live Workspaces for their students.  Their level of innovation was great to see.

Some choice quotes from the case study:

“…when we saw Live@edu, it was the obvious choice.  It is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office, which students not only are using while they are in school, but also will be using in college and work.”

“With Live@edu, the school is spending just half of what it used to on paper.  Even more important, teachers don’t have to spend time at the copier or carry home piles of composition books for grading.”

“Not only did I set up Live@edu in about an hour and a half, but since then, I have spent less than an hour each week on maintenance and support.  That is nothing compared to the demands of an onsite solution, such as dealing with sudden power outages and other events beyond our control. With offsite hosting, we don’t worry about any of that.”




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