New Partner resources for Live@edu

We are excited to announce three online resources that are key to the Live@edu strategy of building partner capacity.  Partner scale is incredibly important to the continued growth of Live@edu because partners provide customer engagement, deployment services, and unique skills for customizing solutions on campuses.

Achieving success for our partners requires providing self-service and community resources online so that partners can obtain the information they need and learn from one another while ramping up on the Live@edu hosted service.  The three web resources dedicated to Live@edu partners are…

Dedicated partner website –

This updated Live@edu partner website is the primary destination for current and interested partners, and is a one-stop destination for training podcasts, 3rd party-ready marketing Bill Of Materials content, case studies, news about Live@edu, useful links, FAQ’s, and much more.  As part of the Microsoft Education Partner Network (, this site explains the Live@edu hosted service and shows the business opportunity, then helps partners get up-to-speed so they can offer value-add services to education customers.  The broader Microsoft Education Partner Network gives partners access to timely product information, industry news, and updates; training and events alerts; partner marketing materials, and information about education programs and initiatives at Microsoft.  The site’s community forums, including Live@edu blogs, enable Microsoft-to-partner and partner-to-partner interaction with the goal of fostering a vibrant education partner ecosystem.

Partner landing page on Microsoft Partner Network –

This web page gives Live@edu a refreshed presence on the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) site.  With updated summaries of partner business opportunities and links to key sites such as the Live@edu customer home page, this landing page taps the high traffic of the MPN site.  The main call to action is for partners to visit the above Live@edu site on the Microsoft Education Partner Network to learn about the hosted service in detail.  By cross-linking with various Industry, product, MPN Competency, readiness, and other pages on this MPN site, partners with expertise ranging from software-plus-services to identity management will be introduced to Live@edu.  

Online partner readiness –

Now, partners interested in developing service offerings for Live@edu may take technical and sales training online.  For instance, the sessions from a two-day technical Airlift are being delivered via the web on the Partnercast website,  So now partners can view classes online about Identity Management, Single Sign-on, SharePoint Integration, provisioning, federation, and more.  Partnercast hosts free readiness on a number of Microsoft technologies –all in one online location.  These podcasts can be loaded to mobile devices, and partners can subscribe to the specific Live@edu feed to be updated as new content is added to the site.  Partners can study Live@edu at their own pace, by viewing a combination of courses and demos covering the end-user features, administrative capabilities, and technologies that partners use to customize and integrate Live@edu. Check out the dedicated Live@edu readiness webpage and view some of the new online partner curriculum.  Return to this site as new demos and training courses will be added regularly.

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