Configuration options for the LiveID Accrual Process

LiveID Accrual What….?

LiveID Accrual is the process that your Outlook Live R3 users have to go through the first time they login with the LiveID username and password you assign to them… re-enter password, secret question/answer, alternate email address…etc.  Essentially it is there so that users can easily do a self-service password reset if they have forgotten their password.

Some customers would rather not have to put their users through this process… and this was for a number of reasons:

  • Customers wanted a better initial experience for their users… the Accrual Process confused some younger users
  • Customers that had SSO deployed did not want to have their users log into their LiveID and run through the Accrual Process prior to being able to use SSO
  • Some customers already have a self-service password reset service in place that sync’d an on-prem password with the LiveID service… a separate password reset service was confusing.
  • etc

…and so now, I can announce, that the Accrual Process can be configured according to the matrix and guidance defined below.  At Educause last week, I mentioned this to a customer, and got a round of applause… 🙂  Who knew there was so much passion about this…?

An Accrual Bypass Tool is now available.  This tool allows customers on the Live@edu Organization Owned model to bypass the LiveID Accrual process prior to the completion of the R4 rollout.  Below is a Resolution Matrix and I have included the requirements and process for a customer to request the tool.  It should be noted that in removing Accrual, you are no longer the end user to our self-service tools… you are really just improving the initial experience… you may still want to direct students at to set up self service password reset after they first log in… perhaps send a mail about this…

Resolution Matrix


Customer Status

First sign up experience



Newly provisioned R4 Tenants

No Accrual

R4 is now the default for new enrollments.  Accounts provisioned on R4 will not be accrued. 


R3 tenants that have been upgraded to Live@edu Organization and the admin account is on R4

No Accrual for new mailboxes the admin creates on R4

(If mailbox is created on R3, then see scenario 3)

Admin account must be on R4 (occurs first half of Nov 2009) and admin must use ECP or Final Release of PowerShell V2 and WinRM 2.0 (or use Windows 7).  Otherwise mailbox is created on R3.


R3 tenants that have been upgraded to Live@edu Organization and the admin creates R3 mailboxes

Accrual is required  for mailboxes created on R3.  Customers can request Accrual Bypass Tool through Support.

Accrual Bypass Tool is available now.  See details below.


I-owned/I-owned hybrid tenants

Accrual is required



Hotmail tenants

Accrual is Required


Accrual Bypass Tool


  • Tenant is on the Outlook Live mail platform
  • Tenant is on the Live@edu Organization model
  • Customer must have valid SSO certificate


  • Customer opens ticket with support requesting to suppress accruals.
  • Support confirms customer meets requirements above… If customer does not have valid SSO certificate, support will request cert creation and provide to customer.
  • Support provides Accrual Bypass Tool and associated instructions to customer and will follow up to confirm the tool was used successfully.

So… to Accrue or not Accrue… that is the question.



4 Responses to Configuration options for the LiveID Accrual Process

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks SO MUCH! 🙂 Well done again guys on making the service even better.

  2. Gerrard says:

    Great news, was the only stumbling block I had with the LiveIDs, now to sign up our shiny new domain with R4 and get cracking :)Thanks for the work on this, service is really coming along nicely now

  3. Vladimir Michel says:

    Hi Jonny.What about the time the tool takes to make the changes in the accounts, is it proportional to the number of accounts? I mean, does the time change if you have 10 accounts or 50000 accounts?Thanks,Vladimir

  4. US LiveAtedu says:

    @Vladimiryes, there will be a time difference. Ask this question to the support guys if you log a call on this feature.

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