SADA Systems now offering a range of Live@edu services to Education customers

One of the great things about choosing Microsoft as a platform provider is the strength and depth of our partner ecosystem; a great example is SADA Systems, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner that has just launched a range of services for Live@edu customers.  I had blogged a while ago on what we thought some of the services opportunities for partners were… and I am delighted to now see what SADA offers.

These guys have really gone to town… they have launched services lines covering things like:

  • Basic Live@edu service provisioning.
  • ILM/GalSync deployment for AD… and… non-AD environments.
  • An in-house provisioning/sync solution that can run in a customer’s infrastructure, or in SADA’s cloud.
  • SSO services deployed on-prem and in SADA’s cloud.
  • migration services.
  • Helpdesk services.
  • Service management.
  • Training…

What a list!  I am especially excited at the support for ILM in non-AD environments… there is a lot of OpenLDAP out there in “Edu-land”, amongst other things, so a solution that works with that is in demand.  The SADA cloud-hosted provisioning and SSO options will also make a lot of sense I think for those customers that want a comprehensive cloud-based solution that does not require a local hardware investment.

I look forward to working with the SADA Systems team to build some fantastic success stories.  Go and check them out for yourself…

I am also open to hearing from other SI and ISV partners about unique services they offer… so keep those ideas coming 🙂



2 Responses to SADA Systems now offering a range of Live@edu services to Education customers

  1. Unknown says:

    If you look at the SADA website linked to above, it shows:Powered by Google Docs andPowered by Google SitesDon;t they drink their own Koolaid ?

  2. Unknown says:

    We are strong proponents of Dogfooding – using all of the products we sell. Being intimately familiar with Google platforms makes us an even stronger Microsoft partner, allowing us to service our clients with a well-rounded, objective point of view. In fact, it\’s fair to say that no other company has helped more Educational entities move to the Cloud than SADA.We believe cloud computing is the future of IT. There are several great product offerings to this end; Live@edu is a significant entry into this space for us. SADA is proud to be on board and looks forward to deploying this solution for many, many clients.Michael HigbyDirector, Projects and DevelopmentSADA Systems, Inc

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