Open Source Live@edu projects on Codeplex

I am always excited to see the kinds of custom development projects that spring up around products and services we deliver in Microsoft… and I see that Live@edu has a growing number.  I just did a quick search on Codeplex, our Open Source Project Community and I see that we have 6 up there.

  1. Live@edu SSO WebPart for MOSS 2007 – a custom web part for WSS 3.0 or Office SharePoint Server 2007, that provides end-user a single sign on (SSO) to Live services functionality.
  2. Windows Live@EDU Single Sign On – a middle tier WCF service, as well as SharePoint webparts and direct connectors for providing Single Sign On from your student portal into the Windows Live@EDU environment.
  3. Live@Edu Sync Service – a Windows service, which can create Hotmail\Outlook Live users, getting their data from MS SQL database.
  4. Windows Live ID SSO Luminis Integration – enables Luminis to pre-authenticate users and seamlessly transfer them to Windows Live without a secondary credential challenge from Windows Live servers.
  5. PowerShell Assistant – a tool to help customers deploy Microsoft Live@edu.
  6. Windows Live ID SSO J2EE Integration – J2EE support for Live SSO.

All of these projects are open for your downloading/feedback/altruistic contributions… please support the project leaders and check them out.  Finally, if you feel so motivated, you can also start your own project.



2 Responses to Open Source Live@edu projects on Codeplex

  1. Vladimir Michel says:

    Hi Jonny.Is it still possible to connect to live@edu with powershell V3 CTP3, or now it is only possible with V3 RTM?Thanks,Vladimir

  2. US LiveAtedu says:

    yes it is… and even when R4 ships, for a time, you can still connect with v3 CTP3… however if you do that, you will create R3 mailboxes as opposed to R4 mailboxes. Once you know you are on R4 (you see a new ECP), then you should try and move to the release versions of WinRM/Powershell ASAP

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