Creating and assigning a custom management role in Outlook Live

There really is such a lot that an administrator can do in Outlook Live that I don’t know where to start sometimes… we have some really great functionality for our administrators.

Just yesterday a customer asked me if there was a way to allow a school office administrator to create and manage Email Contacts in the Outlook Live GAL… but they did not want the office admin to have the ability to interfere with Mailboxes/Groups/Transport Rules/etc.  I decided to work out how to do this, with a little help from the Exchange team, and blog on it.  I even recorded a video.

double click to view in full screen…

The commands I used in this demo are as follows:

#create a management role based on the Org Management Management Role
New-ManagementRole -Name ContactMan_Custom -Parent OrganizationManagement

#List all of the cmdlets and parameters assigned to the Management Role
Get-ManagementRoleEntry ContactMan_Custom\* | ConvertTo-HTML > C:\tools\ContactMan.htm

#Remove cmdlets that are not required
Get-ManagementRoleEntry ContactMan_Custom\* | where {$_.Name -ne ‘Get-Contact’ -and $_.Name -ne ‘Get-MailContact’ -and $_.Name -ne ‘New-MailContact’ -and $_.Name -ne ‘Remove-MailContact’ -and $_.Name -ne ‘Set-Contact’ -and $_.Name -ne ‘Set-MailContact’ -and $_.Name -ne ‘Get-Recipient’} | Remove-ManagementRoleEntry

#Check the management role entries in the custom role
Get-ManagementRoleEntry ContactMan_Custom\*

#Assign the role to the user in question
New-ManagementRoleAssignment -Name "JennyA Contact Management" -Role ContactMan_Custom -User jennya

As usual… happy PowerShell Scripting!



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