EasySync for Active Directory/ Live@edu identity synchronization

Following on from my recent post on services opportunities with the Live@edu platform, I wanted to call out a recent product release that Sysint, one of our Gold Certified Partners in Norway, is offering.  The product is called EasySync, I got a recent demo of it, and as per the product description you can find on their website it supports the following:

– Synchronizes users from Active Directory to Outlook Live/Live@edu
– Administration via AD groups
– Secure distribution of Live usernames&passwords via web
– Order Users and Contacts, administrators and distribution lists in Outlook Live
– Order Passwords resets
– Generate unique email addresses in Active Directory, and mail enables users locally
– Generate dynamic distribution groups in Live@edu
– Assign Live@edu management roles

So if sounds like a solution that may be a good fit for you, check it out.

I am hoping to see a whole lot more of these types of out-of-the-box solutions becoming available in the coming months and years.  We will of course continue to release complementary solutions of our own, but the power of an open platform, such as Live@edu offers, is that you get choice.



4 Responses to EasySync for Active Directory/ Live@edu identity synchronization

  1. ryan says:

    hi, just wanted to clarify what your post meant: do I understand correctly easysync would finally allow users of other mobile phones would be allowed to sync with outlook live (and perhaps windows live), without using a desktop? Or thru outlook web access, either? Will there be "native apps", too? Thanks for replying!!!

  2. US LiveAtedu says:

    This is not a solution for mobile Phones… our solution for this is ActiveSync.EasySync allows institutions to sync Active Directory user accounts with our hosted Outlook Live service.

  3. catherine says:

    so activesync is all a person (with an iphone) needs to sync between AD and live@edu ID directories?

  4. US LiveAtedu says:

    ActiveSync is something you would find on an iPhone 3G. It enables you to connect to an Exchange Server to sync your mail/calendar/contacts/tasks…

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