New support materials for Back To School!

The school year is rapidly approaching and for many of our new and existing customers, seizing the window to prepare for the return of students is critical to success.  Tapping into incoming student orientations and welcome communications is one of the very best times to reach an engaged and captive audience of users.

To this end, our new Live@edu Marketing Bill of Materials is ready and waiting.  The BOM includes more than 50 useful downloadable items like mail templates, banners and copy blocks; all with clear calls to action directing students to log-in and start using their Live@edu accounts.  It also contains a playbook designed to show accounts how to drive usage.  If you haven’t already, please visit today and start building it into your awareness plans.  It is localized in the following 17 languages:

Chinese (simplified & traditional) > Danish > Dutch > English-US > English-UK > French >French-Canadian > German > Italian > Japanese > Korean > Norwegian > Portuguese >Russian > Spanish > Swedish

These materials are designed to be customizable & easy to implement, but just let us know if you have any questions about how to integrate them into your plans.



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