Live@edu from the horse’s mouth

One of my international colleagues, Ben Nunney, who is a Live@edu deployment specialist, has been working recently with the University of Chichester, and has just got one of them to reflect on how everything went.  The post is an excellent read.

To me, a number of things jump out:

  • Live@edu works when integrated into a mixed environment.  Novell, SunONE, Linux, Windows… there is a who’s who of tech vendors and technologies in there… typical for a lot of universities that have evolved their IT infrastructure over time.  It is a common misconception that a Microsoft solution has a high number of on-premises dependencies… we don’t.
  • As with any project, a good plan is important – simply sticking some commodity services into the cloud, like email, does not auto-magically mean that users will simply latch on day one… I like the University’s approach here around training and solution due diligence.
  • Vendor roadmap and quality of support is important in making a decision to move to the cloud.  These were the primary reasons that Live@edu was selected, but it is a factor that often gives pause for a number of customers… in moving to the cloud, you can’t simply lay your hands on the servers any more if something happens… you need to rely on the vendor providing support.

Ben says he is planning some more of these… maybe I will get one of my customers to do one… I think feedback like this is highly valuable.




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