The Center For Forgotten Sticks – avoid with Office Live Workspace

One of my colleagues in Microsoft UK just sent me a rather humorous video that suggests what happens to all of those USB sticks that students lose around the world every day. 


Pretty funny… I talk about this kind of thing to customers all of the time as well…

  • The dog ate my USB stick.
  • I left it stuck in to a library PC
  • Someone stole it
  • Someone stood on it at a party

One key benefit of using our Live Services is the amount of storage we provide… it adds up to a LOT.  In the video we talk about Office Live Workspace… but there are others as well:

Service Storage (GB)
Outlook Live 10
SkyDrive 25
Office Live WorkSpace 5
Live Mesh 5
SilverLight Video Streaming 10
Live Groups 100 (5 per group, max 20 groups)


That’s One Hundred and Fifty Five GIGABYTES… and I am sure that there are more to be had if you look at PhotoSynth and more…



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