Import Users feature added to the Outlook Live Exchange Control Panel

As I have noted before, the great thing about hosted cloud services is that users and admins do not have to wait for major version upgrades to obtain new features.

A new feature that has just landed in the Exchange Control Panel is an Import Users feature that allows an admin to stage a CSV file of new user mailboxes on our servers for processing instead of tying up a local desktop or server.  Below is a nice pic of this in all of its shiny new glory 🙂

Currently this feature is for new imports only… but I am told that functionality will be expanded to include other operations soon.  In the meantime, please read all about this here:, and if you are an admin, please try it out and let us know what you think over on

One point to note, is that for updates/deletes, and to work with MailContacts and MailUsers, you will still need to use CSV_Parser.ps1.  You should also note that the CSV file format with the new Import Users feature is slightly different to the one that CSV_Parser requires… so don’t make the same mistake I did and try using one of your existing CSV files with it.




4 Responses to Import Users feature added to the Outlook Live Exchange Control Panel

  1. Live Admin says:

    This is ok. We use our CustomAttributes quite a bit to create our dynamic distribution groups. Without the ability to populate those fields we\’ll still have to rely on powershell for our imports. Step in the right direction though.

  2. Live Admin says:

    Nevermind. Finally read the docs…;)

  3. MARY says:

    So glad to see it go live Jonny!! Cheers Mary

  4. US LiveAtedu says:

    @MaryThanks for your testing!

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