GALSync 2010 documentation now available

Many, many customers that I have been dealing with over the last year have been awaiting the launch of ILM support for Outlook Live.  Well the wait is now almost over… more on this soon.

In the meantime, feel free to immerse yourself in the extensive documentation we have just released to the web:

I get a feeling that this will generate a lot of chatter…




One Response to GALSync 2010 documentation now available

  1. Mike says:

    I havent read it all yet, but I\’ve started to read the Galsync 2010 documentation. it mentions that on-premise mailboxes will be synced to Exchange Labs as mail users or contacts. is there anyway to designate some mailboxes to be synced as mailboxes? I ask because we have a need for the old mailboxes to remain accessable for a period of time while exchange labs is in production. I can take care of forwarding mail out of on-premise myself but id like the mailboxes to be provisioned for me. is this possible? what is recommended?

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