New Live@edu program site and enrollment process launches

We have just launched our new Live@edu program site:

Some key new features (from my point of view):

  • Better layout – the key components of the offering are now more apparent I think.
  • A load of mini-demos and overviews – if you are like me, and like to watch demos rather than read about them, you will like what we have done I hope (expand the sections to see them).
  • A revised FAQ – more clearly differentiates between Outlook Live and Hotmail, and is more extensive than before.
  • A completely revised enrollment process and management portal… read more below:

New Enrollment Forms – The enrollment process is greatly simplified to streamline on-boarding.  The number of fields we ask for at this important point has been reduced from 46 to just 16, and some previously manual aspects of on-boarding are now automated.  The end result is that customer wait times for receipt of their Live@edu admin ID has been slashed from 48 hours to just 5 minutes!

Services Management Portal – The SMP is our new one-stop admin portal for the IT Pro that makes it even easier for them to administer their account and access critical tasks and information on the services.  This is currently only available to new customers, but existing customers will get this in a matter of weeks.

We would appreciate your feedback… so send on any thoughts.



2 Responses to New Live@edu program site and enrollment process launches

  1. Live says:

    Why it doesnt work with our education unit? Whats wrong ?

  2. US LiveAtedu says:

    When you say it does not work… do you mean the enrollment process? It could be that there is a string in the domain name that our enrollment process does not like. You can ping for assistance with this.

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