A PowerShell walkthrough of the Standard Distribution Group Properties Outlook Live UI

I had a long conversation with a customer the other day during a workshop I was doing.  The topic of conversation got around to managing distribution groups programmatically through PowerShell – not just creating them (something I have dealt with separately) but also setting group properties.

We went through the Standard Distribution Group properties interface, and looked at how these settings could be set through PowerShell instead.  See the UI for this below…

Here is the list we came up with… I am using a group called Chess as an example, and some random names:



Display Name

Set-DistributionGroup –identity chess -DisplayName “Chess Club”


Set-DistributionGroup –identity chess -Alias “chessclub”


Set-Group –identity chess –Notes “For chess lovers!”




Set-DistributionGroup –identity chess -ManagedBy jimmyk, jennya, jonnyc



Add Member

AddDistributionGroupMember –identity chess –member jennya

Remove Member

RemoveDistributionGroupMember –identity chess –member jennya

Membership Approval


Open Join

Set-DistributionGroup chess –MemberJoinRestriction Open

Closed Join

Set-DistributionGroup chess –MemberJoinRestriction Closed

Approved Join

Set-DistributionGroup chess –MemberJoinRestriction ApprovalRequired

Open Leave

Set-DistributionGroup chess –MemberDepartRestriction open

Closed Leave

Set-DistributionGroup chess –MemberDepartRestriction closed

Delivery Management


Restrict to senders

Set-DistributionGroup –identity chess –AcceptMessagesOnlyFrom “John”

Restrict to groups

Set-DistributionGroup –identity chess –AcceptMessagesOnlyFromDLMembers “Teachers”

No Restrictions

Set-DistributionGroup "Chess" -RequireSenderAuthenticationEnabled $false

Message Approval


Moderation On

Set-DistributionGroup "Chess" -ModerationEnabled $true

Moderation Off

Set-DistributionGroup "Chess" -ModerationEnabled $false

Moderated By

Set-DistributionGroup "Chess” –ModeratedBy Jim, Jack, John

Mailboxes that are not moderated

Set-DistributionGroup "Chess" -BypassModerationFrom jennya

Groups that are not moderated

Set-DistributionGroup "Chess" -BypassModerationFromDLMembers “AllTeachers”

E-Mail Options


Add email address

set-DistributionGroup chess -EmailAddresses chess@contososchool.info,chessclub@contososchool.info

Set Primary SMTP Address

set-DistributionGroup chess -PrimarySMTPAddress chessclub@contososchool.info

…all of these settings can be viewed in some more detail by entering get-help set-distributiongroup in PowerShell.  You will also find that we have not yet updated our TechNet site with some of this stuff… this is because the underlying technology (Exchange 14) is still in beta… more documentation to come of course…

Happy scripting!



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