New features in Office Live Workspaces

For those customers that are using Office Live Workspaces, you should know that we have recently updated the service to contain some new key features.  I lifted the description of these from the Office Live Team blog.

Folders –To simplify organization, now you can use folders to manage files within workspaces. We know many of you were creating new workspaces whenever you needed to group related documents, so we’re really happy about this feature.

Cut/Copy/Paste–Want to copy a document or file to another workspace? We’ve replaced the File/Move feature with Cut/Copy/Paste to make it even easier to manage your files.

More storage–We are increasing your storage capacity to 5GB. You keep telling us you need more so… ask no more!

Eight new languages – We are expanding to Eastern Europe with the addition of Hungarian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Serbian Latin, Ukrainian, Slovak, Latvian, and Slovenian. That brings our total to 28 languages in 52 countries! Be sure to tell your friends, family, and colleagues around the globe to check out Office Live Workspace.

There is also a nice video here that you can watch to find out some more, and specifically on how we have now started building in Silverlight support.



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