Where have my Tasks gone in Outlook Live?

Some customers may have noticed in Outlook Web Access for Outlook Live that the Tasks folder has disappeared.  This is in fact the case, but Tasks in OWA will return sun-tanned and ready for action again in our next service iteration, R4, several months from now.  In the meantime however, Tasks is/are (?) still completely accessible and usable through MAPI and ActiveSync.

The reason for this is because of the major over-haul we gave the web interface during the recent service upgrade to get Firefox and Safari working at a par with Internet Explorer.  We had to make some hard choices here given the resource constraints that affect any software project, including our own… hopefully you will agree we made the right priority choice?



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2 Responses to Where have my Tasks gone in Outlook Live?

  1. v-anrav says:

    But how can we retrieve task folder using MAPI and ActiveSync.

  2. US LiveAtedu says:

    Yes, this works fine… tasks are still there… there is just no interface to it in OWA. If you have MAPI, you can access tasks in the normal way in Outlook 2007, and if you have Activesync on your phone, then there too.

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