Configuring a mailbox as a Conference Room resource

A lot of customers want to mail-enable resources such as conference rooms so that when users want to send meeting requests, they can also ‘invite’ a conference room to secure it for the meeting.

This can be a achieved quite easily now…in Outlook Live R3…these commands were not available in Exchange Labs R2.

First of all, create your mailbox for your conference room (confroom in my example), then:

set-mailbox confroom -Type Room

Set-CalendarProcessing confroom -AutomateProcessing autoaccept

The ultimate effect of this is that if a user attempts to book confroom, the mailbox will respond accordingly; Accept if it is free and Decline if it is not.




5 Responses to Configuring a mailbox as a Conference Room resource

  1. Brien says:

    Thanks. I don\’t love PowerShell but I needed to know how to do this for our test instance. Very important info.

  2. Unknown says:

    Is there a way to sync local exchange resource usage data with live@edu resource usage data?

  3. US LiveAtedu says:

    you mean free/busy info?This is a scenario we are working towards, timeframe not fully locked yet… but you can see some more on this, and other scenarios here:

  4. Chris says:

    So is this a feature only available through powershell?

  5. US LiveAtedu says:

    @ChrisCurrently, yes.

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