A useful get-mailbox piping to know

Customers that used R2/Exchange Labs in the past and that also used the get-mailbox cmdlet will know that when they entered that, PowerShell presented a very comprehensive list of information about the various mailbox attributes.  In R3/Outlook Live, the results from this cmdlet have been tidied up a lot, and now it only pulls back a high-level summary of information.

…but what if you want all of the information?  What do you enter?

get-mailbox <mailbox alias> | format-list

Hope that is useful!

You should also know that the help that comes with the various cmdlets is now MUCH improved also.  To get help on any given cmdlet, just enter get-help followed by the cmdlet… example:

get-help get-mailbox

There are also some great PowerShell resources on the web on the likes of Technet.


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