‘Disabling’ a user mailbox

A question that came up LOTS in the past on Exchange Labs had to do with disabling user access to mailboxes… the typical scenario was that an institution wanted to carry our an investigation about a student, and pending the outcome, no access to email should be permitted.

This scenario has now been addressed for Outlook Live…and in quite a novel way.  Instead of turning off the mailbox completely which does have its downsides as the mailbox can then no longer be accessed by anyone really, an administrator can instead disable the client access methods to that mailbox for the associated LiveID.

Double click to view full screen



The demo just covers turning off OWA access… to turn off all of the protocols we enable, use the following cmdlet:

set-casmailbox <mailbox alias>-OWAEnabled:$false -PopEnabled:$false -ImapEnabled:$false -MapiEnabled:$false -ActiveSyncEnabled:$false

Happy ‘disabling’!



2 Responses to ‘Disabling’ a user mailbox

  1. Ahmed says:

    What about other services like skydrive. live office and spaces?

  2. US LiveAtedu says:

    @AhmedThis only works for mailboxes. The other services cannot be disabled. Some customers do things like block them at their firewall if they have any objections to their use while students are in school.

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