Outlook Live for the Contoso School is up and running

Well… “Jonny 5 is Alive!”  What movie is that line from?

I just got my Outlook Live tenant off the ground (contososchool.info), and I am running the PowerShell that is built into the Windows 7 beta right now to create 1000 accounts.  Of course you don’t need Windows 7 to get things moving… Vista SP1 or Windows Server 2008 will also work with the latest versions of the WinRM v2 and PowerShell v2 CTPs.  Instructions here.

First random impressions:

  • Activation was a cinch – the same as for Exchange Labs, so no learning curve there.
  • Basic Powershell remoting – the implicit remoting rocks – no more of the ‘push-runspace’/’pop-runspace’ stuff… you just create your session and import it to your local machine… and off you go!
  • New CSV_Parser script – works same as the last one.
  • Hiding users from the GAL… works instantly… much in demand, and this is one of the first things I tried out.

…anyway, much more to come.  Much of what you need you will find in help.outlook.com, but given that I know many of you like to actually see how all of this stuff works, I will be podcasting a lot over the coming weeks… any special requests, please drop me a note/comment or head over to http://liveatedu.groups.live.com/ to discuss.

Very excited!


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2 Responses to Outlook Live for the Contoso School is up and running

  1. Ahmed says:

    How long did it take you to upload the 1000 accounts with Powershell V2?The quote at the top of your blog is from "Short Circit" 🙂

  2. US LiveAtedu says:

    @AhmedCorrect on Movie title… Short Circuit it is… if I had any prizes to give away, you would have won one right there!

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