Mail migrations to Outlook Live

A topic that I get asked about from time to time by customers has to do with mail migration from a legacy mail service to Outlook Live.  We are still working on our own migration tools, but this is not to say that migration is impossible today; you do have some options.

  • You can get your end user population to do it manually – we provide guidance on this here.  You can use this to migrate mail/calendar/contacts/tasks.  If you are currently running Exchange for your students, you can partially complete this task for your users by extracting pst files using a tool like ExMerge.
  • You can turn on the POP protocol on you legacy email system, and then have your users connect to it from within their Exchange Labs OWA session using Email Subscriptions in a browser that supports the full OWA experience, and then they can simply click and drag their mail from the old service to the new.  This will work for mail only – other things like calendar/contacts/tasks cannot be accessed over the POP protocol.
  • Wait until we release R3 (starting Feb 2009) and you can use POP Email Subscriptions and PowerShell to do the migration.
  • You can use a 3rd party tool that supports secure POP/IMAP migrations…more below…again this will only work for mail migration only.

We have turned on the POP and IMAP protocols on Exchange Labs, and in an examination of how this might help with administrator-driven mail migrations, I have been working recently with one vendor of POP/IMAP migration software – Dataenter from Austria, and I have been looking at their POPBeamer product.  I set them up with an Exchange Labs account on my test domain, and then they were gracious enough to do a mini mail migration from a POP mail environment to Exchange Labs… screen shots below… 


Source POP-based inbox


Configuring the connections:


In action



email at destination

While I spent some time on PopBeamer, you may also find other alternatives.

Hope that helps!


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8 Responses to Mail migrations to Outlook Live

  1. Isra says:

    Hi Jonny!GREAT Post! That\’s a good part of what I\’m looking for. Several customers in Mexico have asked me about a full mail migration process from their on-premise Exchange 2003 solution to Exchange Labs..It\’d be great if you could post something like this.. I mean, about how to fully migrate accounts from Exchange to Exchange Labs.Best,Israel

  2. US LiveAtedu says:

    @IsraFull Exchange migration tools (calendar/contacts/tasks/inbox) are something that we are still working on… but we are working on them. You can be sure they will be well documented upon release 🙂

  3. Kevin says:

    We are actively exploring migration options and would absolutely love to have a method to do full Exchange account migrations. Our primary goal is to make the transition as invisible and non-invasive to the end-user as possible, but thus far all of these options involve user interaction without forfeiting any Exchange data. Is there any update on the progress of a full Exchange migration option? We\’re looking at June 2009 to do our R3 rollout.

  4. Unknown says:

    We\’re trying to migrate Office Live accounts to Outlook Live Beta.Tried it with a "clean" domain (without OL) – everything\’s fine.The OL domain won\’t work – Admin Center always reports missing DNS configuration, but the config (domain hosted with 1&1) is correct.Any ideas?Cheers Pete

  5. US LiveAtedu says:

    on full migration tools… check in again around the start of 2010

  6. Unknown says:

    Hi Jonny,how can you help us migrating from our exchange 2007 to Live@edu?I\’m getting an error each time when I use the super-user credentials.

  7. US LiveAtedu says:

    @ No Name on Feb 15:I would recommend that you either log a support call or engage the services of a Microsoft partner. If you sign up for Live@edu and log onto the Services Management portal, you will find pages where you can progress both options.

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