Students and ‘Tagging’

Just last week at the CES show, Microsoft released a new technology called Microsoft Tag – the site is here:  So what is it, and how is this relevant to education?  Well imagine putting posters up around your institution with a little tag, just like the ones you see below in the corner somewhere.  Posters could be about your Live@edu launch, a club meetup, a helpline, etc.  A student looks at the poster, thinks "that is interesting, I must remember to:

  • …visit the website to learn more about Live@edu in my college
  • …add those contact details for that chess club
  • …call that number to book an appointment"

…but as they stand in the corridor, weighed down by a laptop, some books, their MP3 player, and they only have one hand available, what are the chances they will actually do anything?

Well, if their SmartPhone is configured with Microsoft Tag, all they have to do is point and shoot at the tag, and then some magic will happen.  I just set this up for myself on my t-mobile Dash, and I was blown away with how easy it all was.  Install a small app on the phone, and within a minute I had added my colleague’s contact details to my phone by taking a snap of my laptop screen!!!

I then created a couple of my own tags… these are below.

This will present my contact details as a VCF on your SmartPhone


This will load up the home page of my blog on your SmartPhone


So what does this work with?  From the FAQ:

The Microsoft Tag Reader is available for most SmartPhones and many feature phones. It is available on Windows Mobile, J2ME, iPhone, Blackberry, and Symbian S60 phones. Of course, your phone needs a camera and it must have Internet-access. A detailed list of all supported phones is available and new phones will be added over time.

The possibilities here are endless… I could of course foresee future e-commerce applications and more…and of course this is all LiveID related.

Happy Tagging!



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