Mailboxes and LiveIDs for your students, LiveIDs only for your teachers

I had blogged previously on creating LiveIDs en masse for your institution through Live@edu but without the email service, and I wanted to expand on this scenario here a little.

A common scenario that I encounter is that an institution wants to put their students/alumni/etc onto Exchange Labs but keep their faculty and staff email on an on-premise solution such as Exchange 2007.  In creating mailboxes on Exchange Labs for students, you are also creating LiveIDs for the students to authenticate with; with these LiveIDs students can then go on to collaborate with each other on some of our other online services such as SkyDrive or Office Live Workspaces.  Teachers of course will not get LiveIDs as part of this provisioning… so what’s to be done here?

Lets look at an example.  Student email is hosted on an Exchange Labs tenant and faculty and staff are in the DNS namespace which is supported by an on-premise email solution. The task is to turn all of the email addresses on into LiveIDs.  The setup and provision processes are as follows at the time of writing.

  • Enroll the student domain,, first with Live@edu as an Exchange Labs tenant
  • Activate the student domain through MX record verification…get it fully up and running
  • Enroll the faculty/staff domain,, with Live@edu on Exchange Labs
  • When following the invitation choose "No Mail" for the service type… you won’t need mailboxes as you have them already on premise
  • Use CNAME verification to verify ownership of the domain… you will need to log an Ops Request with our Education Business Desk to continue using the CNAME record in the long term
  • As there are no mailboxes, you can use CSVImport.exe or EduExpress with a csv file containing your Faculty/Staff email details to create the LiveIDs
  • …you may also want to use a variation of the CSV file to create MailContacts in your student GAL.  This can be done with PowerShell

So that’s it…for now… as the scenario changes, I will update the steps.



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3 Responses to Mailboxes and LiveIDs for your students, LiveIDs only for your teachers

  1. Jason says:

    LiveIDs for faculty and staff will get them into other Live@edu services like Skydrive, Spaces, etc. They will not be able to log into Exchange Labs since they don\’t have a mailbox, correct? I\’m looking for a solution to setup DLs in Exchange Labs for student clubs so they can join and remove themselves, but leave the advisor (faculty member) as the owner. Thoughts?

  2. US LiveAtedu says:

    @JasonCorrect… the LiveIDs are so that they get an Ad-free experience in Live Services such as SkyDrive…there is no mailbox as you will have selected the \’No Mail\’ plan.However, as for your requirement for requirement below where a faculty member is managing group membership, then the faculty user would have to have a mailbox to do this today…so you could simply create one for them on the students email service for the purposes of group management, but they would simply not use it for email (even though they could).You could also simply delegate ownership of the distribution group to a responsible student, who will of course have an account on the service. This may be ideal in the club/society scenario you called out…

  3. Jason says:

    @Jonny. Thanks for the feedback!

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