Happy Live@edu New Year!

The first post of 2009… so what to say?

Well first of all, thanks to those of you that have signed up for the program, and of course all of my readers in 2008.  According to my little ClustrMap widget, I have now had visits from 2961 unique IP addresses in 80 countries, and this multiplies up to tens of thousands of page views overall.  Even though I only cover the US West Coast, I have had many messages from people interested in Live@edu from all around the world, but I have enjoyed replying to you directly, or putting you in contact with the Microsoft guy/gal in your region for further support.  Thanks also to those folks that left comments on my blog posts, and especially to those altruistic individuals that helped out their peers!

According to the stats I can see from Live Spaces, and the download stats for my podcast recordings, the most popular posts appear to be the more technical ones…so I have made a note to do more of these in coming months… if you have any special requests for topics, please let me know, otherwise I will just keep plugging away at whatever I am getting asked most frequently about by customers.  More PowerShell, anyone?  What a great tool that is…once you have conquered it!

Along with our MS Russia Live@edu guy, Anton Mamichev, we just kicked off a community site at http://liveatedu.groups.live.com.  So I am hoping that this will end up be a good place for you all to interact with each other in to some more depth…I will check in there also to keep the discussion going.  As with all online communities: content, platform, membership, and other factors all play a part in its success… so we will do our best here!

Anyway, that is all for now. I look forward to keeping the dialog going with everyone, and making your projects as successful as they can be!




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