The Live Calendar service and Outlook

It has been a little while since I blogged last… what with vacation, travel, holidays… so much to do, so little time; to borrow a cliché.  So perhaps it is appropriate now that I am posting on calendaring?  We all have different schedules that we need to keep, and if you are a student it is important that you keep appraised of the various schedules that affect your day to day activities.

I had a chat recently with a few customers and some students about this, and here is a non-exhaustive list of the kinds of things they are trying to keep track of:

  • Class Calendars – when/where are the lectures happening
  • Assignments – what is due when?
  • Campus Calendars – term times, exam times, etc
  • Club/Society Calendars – sports, organizations
  • Social Calendars – what is student life without the off party?
  • Family Calendars – birthdays, anniversaries, etc
  • Their own personal calendars – funny, this is usually the last one that people think of 🙂

As a user of Microsoft technology, there are actually a number of options to consider when managing calendars in the Software plus Services world that we are building.  In this post, I wanted to take the opportunity to examine options with the Live Calendar Service, and how it interacts with Outlook.  Enjoy the demo!

Double-click to view in full screen.




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