Setting mail forwarding as an Outlook Live end-user

I had a few administrators and end-users ask about how to set up mail forwarding for their inbox once this has been enabled on the domain.  Mail forwarding is achieved through inbox rules, and I have documented the steps for this below. 
– Log onto Outlook Live
– Click ‘Options’ (top right-ish of screen)
– Click the ‘Organize’ tab
– Click the Inbox Rules’ tab
– Click the ‘New Rule’ menu
– Select ‘Create a new rule for arriving messages’ and a New Rule Window will appear.
– Select ‘Forward or Redirect’ and check ‘Redirect the message to people or distribution lists’.  This rule will be added to the rule description on the left.
– Click the ‘people or distribution lists hyperlink’
– In the Recipients box type the email address you want to forward to – eg  You can also select another address from the GAL or your contacts list if this has been created already.
– Click OK
– Give the rule a name in the Name box
– Click ‘Save’

6 Responses to Setting mail forwarding as an Outlook Live end-user

  1. Unknown says:

    Jonny, what is the difference between forwarding mail and redirecting mail? Thanks, Lynn

  2. US LiveAtedu says:

    If you choose Forward, the mail subject will be "FW: original subject" and you will see that it has come from your EL mailbox. If you redirect, the mail will arrive as if it was originally addressed to the address you are forwarding to.

  3. donald says:

    I do not have the option of \’Forward or Redirect\’. I only have Forward, Move to a folder, Delete, or Send a text message to. We have turned on forwarding globally via Powershell.

  4. US LiveAtedu says:

    Redirect is still in there… but it is a bit fiddly to find. We should be addressing this in the next service iteration.To use it:• Use IE• Open inbox• Change from Conversation view to regular Date view• Right click email, select “Create Rule”• Choose More Options to Forward or RedirectThe interface that you see in regular Mail Options for Rules does not show this…

  5. Unknown says:

    It is not "true" redirects though, is it? It modifies the header , making the resulting redirected mail lack information concerning original sender and CC information etc. This makes the function useless for a lot of applications.There is a further discussion at there any plans to fix this? There is a lot of talk about "the next version", but exactly when is it due then?

  6. US LiveAtedu says:

    True, this is not a true redirect yet, some of the original message is lost. On Outlook Live, this fix should be rolled out I hope in the R4 release which kicks off at the end of the calendar year.

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