Password resets in Exchange Labs

Hot off the press, and of interest to those that may have noticed some changes to the Windows Live Administration Center in the last few days… this from Erik Desbois, PM for Exchange Labs.

You may have noticed a recent update to our Admin Center website where some functionality was removed, specifically the ability to manage accounts. Some of you may have been using this site to do such things as ‘Password Resets’ on behalf of your users.

The update is in preparation for our R3 upgrade beginning in January and helps move administration from the Admin Center site to the Exchange Labs web management interface (found in OWA > ‘Options’) when you log into Exchange Labs, and to PowerShell where a much richer set of functionality and account management is available. You will soon find the password reset functionality added to Exchange Labs web management interface, making password resets an even easier task.

Please note the change is not service impacting but could affect some users that require administrative password reset. The good news is there are other ways to update passwords in Exchange labs outside of using Admin Center…

End user password reset:

End users who have added an alternate e-mail address to their profile can reset passwords themselves. They simply click Forgot your password? on the login screen and proceed from there.


Remote PowerShell is our preferred administration tool for managing accounts in Exchange Labs.  Please see our help article Remote PowerShell with Exchange Labs

at to get started and set up. Please note, Remote PowerShell requires Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008

After getting set up visit our @edu blog site created by Jonny Chambers (Solution Specialist for @edu) who has a simple run through on using PowerShell to perform password reset. See:!C76EAE4D4A509FBD!430.entry

Thanks and I’ll update everyone shortly with an expectation of when Password reset available to admins in OWA Options.


BTW. If you do not have Vista or WS2008 in your environment and must reset a password before the functionality is available in Exchange Labs, please feel free to download and use the Win32app known as EDUExpress which comes part of the Windows Live Admin Center SDK V3.0. – Download the SDK and look for the tool ‘ManageDomain.exe’ in the Win32app directory. It’s used to manage Hotmail accounts, but in a pinch can be used to  enumerate users and perform password resets in Exchange Labs. The tool is not supported by Exchange Labs, so please limit its use very soon we’ll have password reset available in the Exchange Labs web interface.



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2 Responses to Password resets in Exchange Labs

  1. Jason says:

    We are just now starting to use Remote Powershell to manage our @Live.EDU enviroment. Is there a better place I can go for documentation other than this website: This is some good info, but they don\’t go far enough in depth. Is there an internal document you can send him perhaps that list all of the syntax needed for each command? I see where I can get a list of all commands, but what do those commands do, what is the format of the command if I want to use it. Without and example on each command, it is kind of hard to figure out.In regards to passwords, I see can get now create mailboxes from remote powershell and you specify the password when creating it. How, with that command, or another one, do we force the user to change their password on first login from remote powershell?We can get distribution groups, all good, but how can we restrict who can send to that particular distribution group using remote powershell?We have a full Exchange 2007 enviroment, and without a full management console, come of the functions we are looking for, aren\’t avaiable it looks like for us to administer in our enviroment. What is good with the real Exchange 2007 console, is in the GUI, it a lot of times give you the Powershell equivelent, which is very useful to help build scripts.

  2. US LiveAtedu says:

    @JasonI also make use of \’regular\’ technet to help me find out what the syntax of commands is. For example, a good article that goes deeper into group management is We will have a whole new set of documentation available on /exchangelabshelp in and around the end of January… so watch out for that. Another place to get some good scripting ideas would be to open up the CSV_Parser.ps1 file that we make available, and dig into that.There are a lot of things that are available in Exchange on-premise that we do not currently make available in Live@edu, and this is to protect other tenants that may be on the same server… however, you will see us making more available over time.

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