Java SSO toolkit under development on CodePlex

We have recently kicked off a project to get SSO working with our LiveID/Live@edu service and solutions built on J2EE; this is being done in conjunction with the University of New South Wales in Australia.  Anyone that is interested in seeing where we are at with this or even joining can do so by visiting  The project is licensed through the MS-PL.

The ‘main man’ behind this from our end is Adam Bradley, and he was able to provide me with a high-level overview of what is happening.  Currently the project is more of a framework right now, but they are making steady towards some solution deliverables as  contributors continue to drop in initial components for a number of different portal and access management systems.  On the technical front, the solution is using Java 1.5, Apache-CXF 2.1 and enables mutual authentication via certificates.

Having worked on global solution sharing initiatives in previous roles in Microsoft, I am excited to see the momentum achieved here to date in a short space of time, and I would hope that this grows into something that delivers real value to our customers, and in this case, continues to demonstrate our commitment to interoperability with non-Microsoft platforms.

On a related note, we at Microsoft would be interested in hearing from you all about other projects like this that we could be kicking off.  The number of readers on this blog continues to grow at a brisk rate, as are the questions I get asked on a daily basis now.  I get asked a lot about how to script this and that from a service management point of view… would something addressing this be useful?  Drop me a mail, or put a note on the message board.




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