Don’t put all your admin eggs in one admin basket

That’s bad use of the metaphor, but anyway…

One of the first things I usually tell new Live@edu admins to do is to create additional administrative accounts.  This is of course for  number of reasons such as avoiding losing the username and password when someone walks out the door with it.

There are TWO types of account.  The WLAC Admin, and the email service admin.

The first admin account you create when you enroll in the service is a kind of double admin… a Windows Live Admin Center (WLAC) admin and also an Exchange Labs or Hotmail admin.  Being the WLAC admin allows you to log on to, and make some high-level service changes (such as turn it off 🙂 ) This account can also create additional Exchange Labs admins (I blogged on how to do this here).

You should also create additional WLAC admin accounts – as many as you need, but more than one to be safe.  To do this, you simply run through the enrollment process again for the same domain, and when you come to the bit about creating an admin account, that is where you create the additional LiveID.  Once you complete this step, you will be presented with an additional MX record as well.  You can stick that into your DNS along side the original one you got – same priority/different priority, it does not matter that much.



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