Exchange Labs in an iFrame…

A lot of customers would like to be able to ‘brand’ the look and feel of how Exchange Labs is presented to end users with their own look and feel.  This can be done inside of the OWA Premium experience by using co-branding, you can add your own logos, color schemes, links and so on.  Read more about this here…I will blog on this topic eventually 🙂

Other colleges want to go a little further, and keep users of Exchange Labs completely within their portal environment, and the way that a lot of colleges are doing this is through the use of iFrames. I have included a sample of this technique below.

The HTML required to do this is simply:

<iframe style="width: 500px; height: 375px" src= frameborder="3" scrolling="yes"></iframe>

…of course you would not use the dimensions I have used!



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One Response to Exchange Labs in an iFrame…

  1. Unknown says:

    I tried this and it doesn\’t work loading in an iframe gave me a page load error. also gives me an error in the iframe and then redirects to a full page view. gives me an login error page from owa in the iframe. Outside the iframes all urls work fine. skydrive also works fine in an iframe. Any hints?

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