Best Practices in getting going with Outlook Live

Updated for Outlook Live – your input welcome!

I had a conversation with a customer the other day about what things of things should they be doing in their first week or so with Exchange Labs…is there a checklist anywhere for example?  Well, we do provide starter guidance in the materials we send out during the enrollment process…but I thought I would complement this here for you.

I came up with the following table of things of do, and resources you can use at each phase.  I got some positive feedback on this, so I am happy to share it here.  Any thoughts, let me know, and I can update it:







Review Exchange Labs offer

Get to know what it is we are offering.  The service is built on Exchange, but know that this is not the same as on-premise Exchange…features you see documented on Technet are what you get today…more to come over time.





Determine your domain structure

Do you want to use an existing DNS namespace, or create a new one?


Understand your Single Sign On options

We support web-based SSO in some scenarios today, check out this customer-run project for ideas.

Familiarize yourself with the look and feel of the service

Get to know what users will see, and what admins can do





Activate your service by configuring your DNS

Creating an MX record to start mail-flow is an important part of the service activation.


Install PowerShell CTP and WinRM 2.0

Make sure you install the right tools for the job


Create some test accounts and work with them for a while

Do not test with your real accounts, use samples instead


Create additional WLAC and EL Admin accounts

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket


Create some test distribution groups and work with them for a while

Groups are a powerful feature, get to know the difference between standard groups and dynamic groups, and how to manage them



Familiarize yourself with managing mailboxes

Creating mailboxes is only one part of the story…get familiar with on-going management


Decide on a naming scheme for mailboxes

If you are planning on an ’email address for life’, then some thought needs to be put in here.





Launch the new service to your students

To ensure success with your new hosted email solution, we offer a range of sample materials that you can download and re-purpose for your school.


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